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This weblog is rated PG-13 for intense language, skin-skin-skin,
left-political leanings, and lots of the gay.
I mean LOTS of the gay.
So much gay.


This blog is NSFW. If you’re not familiar with that term it means Not Safe For Work.

I’ll say it again:


So if you’re at work or otherwise viewing this blog on company property or company time, close it now before you get in trouble and come yelling at me because you got fired. 

The Rules

Rules at The Gay Agenda are simple:

  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Treat others like you want to be treated by them.
  3. Practice best intentions.
  4. Don’t be a dick.

So, if you are here I hope that you will participate, discuss, challenge, provoke thought and read. But, if you break rule 1 or 4, and you turn this into an unsafe space, I will ban you in a heartbeat and not lose a single second of sleep over it.


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The End

With that out of the way, let’s get to posting. I look forward to the journey ahead.



I’ve recently discovered that certain of the plugins that I use on this site, namely the Twitter feed plugin (by way of Twitter) and the YouTube embeds, either have tracking code built into them or by virtue of the links pull tracking beacons from their respective websites. I wasn’t aware of this when I bought the plugin for the Twitter feed (YouTube embeds are part of WordPress) but having already paid for it I’ve got no alternative but to use it at this point so I’m going to share how to stop the tracking.

First of all, as you are aware, my website doesn’t use advertising. There’s a reason for that: I feel like my IQ drops sharply with every advertisement I see and am exposed to. I made myself a promise when I started this site that I would not expose my users to something that I myself detest. So you don’t have to worry about that on this site but you do on others. As part of stopping the tracking, I’ll also tell you how to stop adverts as well.

If you’re not using it at this point, you should switch to the Chrome browser or better yet Brave. Don’t bother with IE or Edge, they’re both dogs with mange on their last legs (sorry, not sorry, Microsoft). The Opera browser likely has some way to configure this same type of blocking but I don’t use that browser so I don’t know how to do it there. If you’re on a mac with only Safari, you’re also on your own as I have no idea whether or not Safari can do this. I used to use Firefox and was able to perform similar blocking in the old version of that browser but since they migrated to Firefox Quantum, the performance and responsiveness have gone south and a lot of the plugins became obsolete so I gave up on that browser as well. So, for these instructions, install Chrome or Brave. Both are really good browsers but Brave is more focused on privacy and the user experience. I’m exclusively a Brave boy at this point.

Once you have Chrome or Brave installed and ready to use, you’ll want to install three plugins: uBlock Origin, Nano Defender, and Privacy Badger. Nano uBlock Origin is an adblocker that stops ads from appearing in your browser and covers just about any kind of add out there. Nano Defender is a diffuser tool that prevents anti-adblockers from snooping your AdBlock software and popping up ‘you have an ad blocker installed, please disable it’ messages. Privacy Badger is recommended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and is what stops user tracking and helps to maintain your privacy.

Once you have the plugins installed, you’ll need to make a few adjustments for the adblocker software. Privacy Badger & Nano defender can be used with the default settings as they’re pretty good.

To initially configure uBlock Origin:

Go into the uBlock Settings settings (Right click the uBlock icon in the Chrome toolbar and select Options) and do the following:

On the Settings tab:

  • Check: Hide Placeholders Of Blocked Elements
  • Check: Show The Number Of Blocked Requests On The Icon (this is cosmetic; you can use this or not)
  • Uncheck: Disable tooltips
  • Uncheck: Color-blind Friendly (unless of course you are colorblind and then you would want to check this)
  • Uncheck: Enable Cloud Storage Support
  • Check: I Am And Advanced User (if you’re reading this, you probably aren’t but we need the details this opens up to be able to properly block ads and disable the anti-adblocker software)

On the Settings tab under the Privacy section:

  • Check: Disable Pre-Fetching
  • Check: Disable Hyperlink Auditing
  • Check: Prevent WebRTC From Leaking Local IP Addresses
  • Uncheck Block CSP Reports

On the Settings tab under the Default Behavior section:

  • Uncheck: All options in this section.

On the Filter Lists tab:

  • Check: Auto-update Filter Lists
  • Check: Check And Enforce Cosmetic Filters
  • Check: My Filters
  • Check: All Options Under ‘Built-In’ Section
  • Check: All Options Under ‘Ads’ Section
  • Check: All Options Under ‘Privacy’ Section
  • Check: All Options Under ‘Malware Domains’ Section
  • Check: All Options Under ‘Annoyances’ Section except:
    • AdGuard Social Media Filter
  • Check: All Options Under ‘Multipurpose’ Section except:
    • Dan Pollock’s Hosts File
    • hpHosts’ Ad And Tracking Servers
    • MVPS Hosts
  • Uncheck: All Options Under ‘Regions, Languages’ Section

And last, to fully configure uBlock: