The World Needs Nuclear Power, And We Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of It

By: Ethan Seigel, Starts With A Bang

The uncomfortable truth is this: we are a space-age civilization that has chosen to eschew technological advances in energy generation because of fear and inertia. We are powering the 21st century with 18th century technology, which has had disastrous effects on our environment that we have ignored for far too long. While there are many possible ways forward to address this problem, nuclear power has the proven track record of success necessary and the flexibility to be an integral, and potentially the primary, resource in humanity’s arsenal in the fight against climate change.

For many years, we have let fear, rather than facts, control the narrative over nuclear power. While the conventional story around nuclear power focuses on the few disasters that have occurred, nuclear’s track record tells a different story: one of unparalleled safety, successful waste management, and abundant, affordable, green energy. The world needs nuclear power now more than ever. If we can overcome our entrenched biases against it, we just might solve one of the biggest problems facing our world for generations to come.

– Ethan Seigel

Not in my backyard. NIMBY. That’s what they always say: nuclear is great, clean, and safe, but not for me. Well, it’s time to get over that prejudice. It’s time to embrace the technologies we have to solve the problems that we’re incredibly delinquent in addressing responsibly.

We didn’t make the decisions that caused climate change, global warming, and ocean acidification. But we sure can make the decisions to fix them.