For A Bottom’s Education

Hello, Sprites!

Well, it’s been another sick day for me. Still coughing like mad and running a very low grade fever (it’s been about 99 for most of the day today) but it feels like the bronchitis might be breaking up. Here’s hoping!

Today, instead of my usual nonchalant, all-over-the-place, psychotic ramblings (OK, they’re still nonchalant and psychotic but… never mind), I actually want to give something that can be used. So hopefully you’ll find today’s post informative or if you don’t need the information for obvious reasons, I hope, if the opportunity arises, you’ll pass it along to someone who might.

As a gay man and a bottom, one of the things that I never learned before I broke into my sexuality was proper care of my body including anal douching. Being from Alabama, sex education for gay people was woefully deficient so everything I learned, I learned ‘on the streets’. Not literally of course; what I mean is that I learned everything that I now know through whispers in dark corners or by just doing it. <oldmanvoice> When I was a young whippersnapper, we didn’t have this fancy electronical gadget called the Internet; we had to learn the hard way! </oldmanvoice> And when it comes to anal douching, learning the hard way got real messy, real quick. (Sorry.) But the thing was, nobody wanted to talk about it: everybody wanted a clean bum but no one wanted to talk about how to clean it. To say it was distressing was a gross understatement. But I learned. And thankfully, today, we do have the internet so information is more readily moved than it was when I was a youngling.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a very close friend of mine and we were discussing proper methods of anal douching; what tools to use, water to use, etc. I have a shower attachment that I use and he was asking about my experience with it as he was thinking of getting one for his husband. In that discussion, he mentioned that we (that being the royal ‘we’) shouldn’t douche more than a couple times a week because it’s not good for us (which is true) and that was something I had never heard. So naturally, I hit the web and started researching and I discovered which is produced by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation here in The City; an organization specializing in HIV prevention and treatment. The article I found was informative, funny, and I didn’t feel like some dirty old man reading it because it just discussed things frankly and in terms that were easy to grasp and relatable. It was written by Dr. Pierre-Cédric Crouch, a physician with the Magnet Clinic here in The City. His write-up was just crazy good and so I’ve decided to share it here for anyone who may find it informative. And even if you’re a top, give it a read; there are a couple places where you’ll find yourself laughing out loud and you might learn something that you can pass on to the next wayward youngling bottom that finds his or her way into your life.

And with all that, may your journey into bottoming be much more informed than mine was.

Stay safe, Sprites, and be good to one another!

Until tomorrow,