Before you break you have to shed your armour
Take a trip and fall into the glitter
Tell a stranger that they’re beautiful
So all you feel is love, love
All you feel is love, love
Wanna scream out, “No more hiding!”
Don’t be afraid of what’s inside
Wanna tell you you’ll be all right in the aftermath

– Adam Lambert

Life Lessons

Look at the stars. It won’t fix the economy. It won’t stop wars. It won’t give you flat abs, or better sex, or even help you figure out your relationship and what you want to do with your life. But it’s important. It helps you remember that you and your problems are both infinitesimally small, and, conversely, that you are a piece of an amazing and vast universe.

– Unknown


Someone fell in love today. Someone was born today. Someone lived through something that could have killed them. Someone won back the love of their life. Someone made their parents proud. Someone survived. Someone healed. Someone let go.

Seven billion people, and some of them have just had the best day of their lives. Today may have been the very worst day of yours. But take solace in and celebrate this simple fact: It wasn’t your best day today, but it’s on its way, because we all get lucky in turn.

– Nikita Gill